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Training helps to Excell the abilities and talents in ourselves.... Get Going and contact for an inspirational training session with some of the following topics towards excellence.....


Conducting a Training Session for Principals
At Sri Lanka




Topics for the Workshop:

a.       Quality and Excellence In Education

b.      Formation of  Teachers’ Work Improvement Teams towards Excellence

c.       Quality Circles in Education

d.      Six Sigma In Education

e.      Five S Implementation in Schools

f.        Accreditation of Schools: The Know How?

g.       Total Quality Management in Schools

h.      Towards 21st Century Class Room Requirements

i.         Quality Parenting Skills

j.        Continual Improvements Projects for Schools

k.       Just In Time in Education (JIT)

l.         Learning through OBAMA Skills and Expertise

m.    IT Expertise: The latest of Know How and Why for Educators.

n.      Safe Computing for Kids/ Parents/ Educators

o.      Personality Development for Students.

p.      Personality Development for Teachers.

q.      Personality Development for Parents.

r.        Quality Soft Skills for Teachers.

s.       360 Degrees Feedback Framework

t.        CCE in Education.

u.      KAIZEN- The mantra of Success in Education.

v.       Tackling with GG (Google Generation)

w.     Developing a Lesson Plan

x.       Excelling at Workplace.

y.       Time Management for Teachers towards excellence.



In addition to the above:


Leadership-Transactional & Transformational, NCF-2005, RTE-2010, CBSE-CCE Scheme, CCE-Formative Assessment, CCE-Co-Scholastic Areas, Thinking- Skills-Six Hats, Life Skills and Integrating these with School Curriculum, Classroom Management, Time Management, Motivation, Work-Life Balance, Brain Based Learning, Poor School Performance-Causes & Remedies, Remediation, Acceleration, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Dealing With Adolescent Behaviour, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, Improving Performance, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Adapting to 21'st Century needs, Best School Practices, Quality Dimension of Education, Kai-zen, Six Sigma and Quality Circles for Continual Improvement, Teachers as Learners, Lesson Planning, Micro Teaching Skills, Objectives of Teaching, Effectiveness of the Teaching Learning Process and Image Building, Publicising and Branding of a School.


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